Your Invitation to become a Rejuvent Patient:

Thank you for your interest in our Medical Grade Skin Care products.

All of the products we carry have been tested and approved by Dr. Bomer, some of which are only available through a medical practice.  In order to provide these products, we are required to obtain new patient information prior to shipping.

The process is quick and easy!


Step 1:

Request a Security Code:

Call us at 480.889.8880 or Toll-Free 1 877 800 2147

or Email us at to request a code


Step 2:

Fill out online forms:

After you receive your Security Code, visit our Secure Online Patient Portal create an account and fill out your medical information.

This information is required and confidential, it will not be shared and it is part of your medical records.

Visit: Rejuvent Secure Patient Portal

After you login, click on Demographics and fill out the required fields, when completed click on Forms and fill out the Medical History form.
These forms are required and will become part of your medical record.


If you have any questions, please call us at 480.889.8880 or Toll-Free 1 877 800 2147.