Nutrafol Products

Rejuvent Skincare is an authorized reseller and all products are shipped to us directly from the manufacturer.

Nutrafol is the maker of best-selling, award-winning hair loss products and their products are mentioned in many magazines and publications throughout the USA. Their hair loss supplements are sold in doctors’ offices and at Rejuvent they have a huge following.

Rejuvent Skincare rewards Nutrafol customers so they can enjoy these amazing hair loss products.

Nutrafol Hair Loss Products

Nutrafol for Women bottleNutrafol Hair Growth Supplements
The core Nutrafol product for hair growth, this product must be taken along with other Nutrafol products for maximum results. These supplements target the root cause of thinning hair and these award-winning formulas result in faster-growing, thicker, fuller, and stronger hair. These supplements treat much more than hair loss, they also promote better sleep and a healthier body. Available in 3 formulations Women, Women’s Balance, and Men.

Nutrafol Collagen Infusion productNutrafol Collagen Infusion
Formulated with Marini Collagen Peptides to help improve hair strength, and also help improve the visible signs of aging.

De-stress system for women jarsNutrafol De-Stress System – Hair Supplements and Stress Adaptogen MD
This system contains 3 months of Nutrafol Hair Supplements and stress supplements that together target hair loss and stress, which is a leading cause of hair loss. Exclusive to medical offices.

Nutrafol Hair Supplements 3 Pack
3 months supply of Nutrafol Nutraceuticals Hair Loss Supplements. Choose from Women, Women’s Balance, and Men. Exclusive to medical offices.

Hairbiotic probiotics bottleNutrafol Hairbiotic MD
Replenishes the gut microbiome. Helps promote healthy bacteria and well as improves the gut lining to help the absorption of nutrients. Available in one bottle and 3 months pack. Exclusive to medical offices.

Nutrafol Growth Activator bottleNutrafol Growth Activator
Lightweight hair scalp serum to help boost cell renewal and promote scalp health to improve hair quality. Fast-absorbing, hydrating and nourishing.

nutrafol stress adaptogen MD productNutrafol Stress Adaptogen MD
Helps balance stress which is a leading cause of hair loss. Contains ingredients that can increase the hair fiber length to help extend the hair growth cycle. Available in one-month and 3-month packs. Exclusive to medical offices.