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Silagen scar healing products are manufactured with a specially formulated medical grade silicone and developed to be non-toxic and non-irritating.


Silagen specializes in products to improve the look and feel of scars.

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NOTE: The Silagen brand product line is exclusive to authorized physician retailers (like Rejuvent Skincare) and cannot be resold. Resale of any Silagen product will void any warranty and support by the manufacturer. Purchaser agrees that Silagen products without manufacture warranty and support are considered materially different than new Silagen brand products.

Silagen Products

Silagen offers professional medical treatments for scars, bruising, and swelling. Their Silagen Scar Refining System is the gold standard for post-procedure scar care. Silagen Gel is a best-selling product and it is recommended by surgeons to minimize and improve the look of scars. Dr. Bomer recommends the scar gel and the scar gel with SPF to her surgery patients.
Silagen products are only sold to licensed professionals and authenticity is guaranteed only when you purchase from a medical professional. Rejuvent Skincare is a 100% authorized reseller and Silagen products come directly to us from Silagen's FDA-registered, ISO-certified facility in Illinois, USA.
Silagen Gel was named one of the “Best Products to Get Rid of Scars, According to Doctors,“ in NewBeauty magazine. Among other awards, It has also won the "2020 My Face My Body Best Scar and Skin Repair Product Award". The Silicone Scar Gel has a 100% "Worth It" rating on Real Self.