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Kelly Bomer MD

Kelly Bomer MD
Board Certified, Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kelly Bomer has been passionately committed to the anti-aging battle for 25 years and helps her patients achieve youthful-looking, healthy skin.

Dr. Bomer treats volume and fat pad loss to restore fullness and achieve a youthful look. She is a facial plastic surgeon and an expert injector. She practices in Scottsdale, AZ.

Learn with Dr. Bomer – What Happens to Our Face and Skin as We Age

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Why Medical Grade Skincare?

We believe in science. Pure ingredients and ingredients scientifically proven to produce results. Every product we sell has been thoroughly tested and analyzed to deliver the results it promises. People often ask, why don’t offer a brand’s full line? We chose the products that produce the best results for the skin concerns they address. Every product is tested by Dr. Bomer and the Rejuvent staff and is evaluated on efficacy, strength, how they feel in the skin, how they react with other products, and by the results they produce.

Authorized Reseller

Rejuvent Skincare is a 100% authorized reseller of every brand we sell. Directed by board-certified surgeon Dr. Kelly V. Bomer, Rejuvent Skincare works closely with each brand to guarantee authenticity and every single product meets our stringent performance standards. Rejuvent Skincare only carries products that have been thoroughly tested for efficacy and have proven results in both clinical trials and in-house testing.

Why does being an authorized reseller matter?

When purchasing from Rejuvent Skincare, you will always receive authentic products. Unauthorized retailers sell products that may be diluted, expired, or counterfeit. For your personal health and safety, we recommend always purchasing your skin care products through authorized resellers like Rejuvent Skincare.

Rejuvent Skincare is the #1 resource for authentic and effective prescription-strength skincare and beauty products.