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Say NO to Tech Neck...

...and aging neck too! The neck skin is different than the skin on your face, be sure to use the right product to keep lines, wrinkles and irregular texture away!

Aging Neck

Neglected Neck & Décolletage?

It is often easy to forget that skincare doesn’t end at your jawline. Pamper the frequently forgotten skin of your neck and décolletage and fight aging in the process with a selection from our effective product options. Get ready to hold your head up high!

Why does the Skin on the Neck Need Special Skincare?

The skin on the neck is a little different than the skin on your face, it also ages differently. Just think about the movements that your neck makes and how many times a day you move your neck, the skin there is much more elastic and pretty much in constant movement. The aging neck skin is thinner and a hot spot for UV exposure as we often forget to add sunscreen to that area. And on top of that, there are fewer oil glands there, so the skin can't produce the natural oils it needs for proper moisturization, so the skin is dryer and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Best-Selling Products to Address Neck Skin

At Rejuvent, we first introduced Nectifirm when Revision Skincare first started that category of products, it quickly became a best-seller and it outperforms every other neck product to this day.
Since then, other brands like Jan Marini, SkinMedica, Alastin, and SkinCeuticals have created their own neck creams.

Aging Neck Best-Sellers:

One thing is true - we need to address the skin on our face, and also the neck and décolletage, so they look uniform. It looks strange to have flawless facial skin and an old and pigmented neck and chest! If you need help finding the best cream orf your neck, contact us and one of our product experts will help you.