Rejuvent Skincare is an Authorized Reseller

Rejuvent Skincare is a 100% authorized reseller of every brand we sell. Directed by board-certified, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kelly V. Bomer, Rejuvent Skincare works closely with each brand to guarantee authenticity and every single product meets our stringent performance standards. Rejuvent Skincare only carries products that have been thoroughly tested for efficacy and have proven results in both clinical trials and in-house testing.

Why does being an Authorized Reseller matter?

When purchasing from Rejuvent Skincare, you will always receive authentic products. Unauthorized retailers sell products that may be diluted, expired, or counterfeit. For your personal health and safety, we recommend always purchasing your skin care products through authorized resellers like Rejuvent Skincare.

Rejuvent Skincare is the #1 resource for authentic and effective prescription-strength skincare and beauty products.

Our Brands Are:


All products sold at Rejuvent Skincare are 100% authentic and shipped to us directly from the manufacturer.


Products sold at Rejuvent were specially hand-picked by Dr. Kelly Bomer.
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What can happen if you purchase from an Unauthorized Dealer?

Manufacturers will not vouch for the authenticity or condition of products purchased through unauthorized sites and do not take any responsibility for customer dissatisfaction or harm from potentially counterfeit products.

According to the FBI, which has issued a warning against counterfeit products; products sold by unauthorized resellers may contain carcinogenic (cancer-causing) ingredients, arsenic, and even urine.

The FBI indicators of counterfeit are:

  • The packaging differs slightly from the authentic brand (might be a different color or different lettering on the product), and/or the product’s wrapping appears haphazard.
  • The product is being advertised as a “limited edition” even though the authentic manufacturer doesn’t offer it as a limited edition.
  • The price is either slightly or drastically lower.
  • For cosmetics, the product’s consistency or texture just doesn’t feel or look like the authentic brand.
  • For fragrances, there’s something a little off about the scent, and the color of the fluid in the bottle might be different than the original.
  • They’re being sold at non-authorized retailers, including flea markets, mall kiosks, and over the Internet

Some reported unauthorized resellers for the brands we carry are Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and Overstock.

We have heard of horror stories and one that we cannot forget, a patient purchased an item on eBay only to find out the seller replaced the original product with a $1 product sold at the dollar store! Wow! We urge all our customers to never buy medical-grade skincare at eBay or Walmart.

Shop at Rejuvent Skincare for the best deals on authentic products!

At Rejuvent, we take authenticity seriously, we inspect every product shipped to us and reject any broken or damaged shipping boxes. We only sell products that were shipped directly from the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please call us at 877-800-2147.